Privacy declaration Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen (SPH) 

This is the privacy declaration of Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen (SPH). Here we will explain:

  • Which personal details we will process
  • Why we process these details
  • How we secure your details
  • Which rights you have as an involved drawee

Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen (SPH)​

Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen (SPH) represents the tenants living at SSH&. We process the personal details which we see as necessary to successfully fulfill this function. 

Why does SPH collect personal details?

As the SPH we represent students living with SSH& in many different ways. One of these ways is the processing of complaints of tenants and collecting opinions about different rental issues. 

Most of the data comes in through the contact form on our website. We can also receive personal data through third parties, such as the SSH&, Radboud University or HAN University. Another way of receiving your data would be through social media. 

Which personal data does SPH use? 

The SPH mainly uses the following data: 

  • Name
  • E-mailaddress
  • Phone-number
  • Residential complex
  • Foto- en videomaterial

It could however also be the case that we use more sensitive data (‘special personal data’). This could for example be data about one’s place of birth or data around your health.  ​


When processing personal data, SPH does not use cookies. We do however use software for the website's statistics. We use these to analyse which pages are visited the most, how our website is found by visitors and which searchterms are being used. 

Is the SPH allowed to use your data?

The SPH may only use your data if the law (art. 6 AVG) allows this. The first condition is permission. This means that the SPH assumes permission to use data when you fill in the contact form. You can retract this permission at any time; this means that we can no longer process your data, unless we have another reason to do so (see below). 

SPH might have a ‘legitimate interest’ to use your data when the usage of this data is absolutely necessary for us to function as an advocate. We are aware that this often involves sensitive data meaning that we will save your data with extra security. 

We save your data no longer than necessary. We will only share information with third parties if this is necessary to fulfill our duties or to meet legal requirements. ​

How does SPH secure your data? 

We take all necessary technical and organisational measures to assure the safety of your data. We use legal frameworks and guidelines as guidance in the way in which we do so. 

What are your rights? 

As a drawee you can: 

  • Request to see your data
  • Request to change or supplement your data
  • Request to delete your data
  • Object against the usage of your data
  • Put in a privacy complaint

You can contact us about this through our contact form. 

More information and tips

Do you want more information, and do you have tips? Contact us through our contact form!


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